2022 Calendar – LE 250 – SOLD OUT!!!

Gravity Glue Calendar 2022

( 9th Edition )



Similar format as previous years — 13 Months — Each month features a creation from the previous year’s corresponding month as well as a short caption related to each experience. Each copy will be signed and numbered on the front cover, Along with my custom inclusion of Lunar Phases, Solstices, Equinoxes, and various cultural holidays. This edition features mostly work from Boulder Creek in Boulder, Colorado, as well as 2 images during a roadtrip I went on through California. This is also the first Edition that I fully customized ALL ELEMENTS, including the front and back covers, and the month grids themselves. The Cover and last 2 months feature different stages of a 2-month long creation at various stages of subzero temperatures. The cover highlights the first day of the creation, while the final month (jan 2023) features the final day of the same creation.


Image Dimensions: 12″ x 9.5″ (~ 30.5 cm x 24 cm)


Limited Edition: 250

Pricing Options based on shipping:

Domestic (USA only) – $36.00

International (Canada Only) – $50.00

(+) International (Worldwide) – $60.00

Local Boulder Pickup – $30.00

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If you choose Local Pickup, please contact me after purchasing to arrange a time to pickup your Calendar(s) in Boulder, Colorado.


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