this little project was done 2 years ago today.. a friend (AJ Davis) and I decided to try our skills at arch building…. i think the first for either of us.. a good recipe for forming a strong bond with someone is… collaborating to build an arch… especially a larger one like this… both of our skills were stretched to the limits… safety often in the hands of the other…  the process required excellent communication and feedback, while maintaining simultaneous focus on the rocks in hand, as well as the overall structure… dare i forget expectations? best to drop those too.

To our surprise, the arch came together on our first attempt… hours later.. we very slowly worked through the process of piling up a primitive form… then ever so gently aligning the arch and removing the form, rock by rock.  there were a few near collapses… but we were able to correct the kinks before they escalated…


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  1. Alex (Россия)

    Отличнач работа Майкл.Благодарю тебя за красоту оживающих камней.Благодарю за великолепное творчество,удачи тебе дружище!!!!

  2. BAMstutz

    Excellent work. I was a recreational stone arch builder in my youth, but was never able to reach this level of accomplishment. My hat is off to you.

    What rocks did you remove first?

  3. Ann

    I love that you are standing under your arch. In the old days master builders were required to stand under their arches to demonstrate their confodence in their craft. You are following an ancient tradition.

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