adding more weight. increased stress and still able to sustain point balance.


surprising because the main arch felt alive with vibrations of rushing water surging through it.. touching it and *hearing the flow reminded me of listening into a seashell and hearing the ocean…but here, I listened to the creek through a rock with my fingers. by this point i hadn’t spoken a word all day…. i imagine the speech region of my brain was quite quiet, while the creative/intuitive centers were highly active…  then again i’m mostly speculating based on my current understanding of things…

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  1. Robert Meyer

    I love your work, very inspiring. You’ve opened my eyes to an entirely new contemplative practice. If you don’t mind sharing I am curious how you maintain equanimity while dealing with the frustration of failure i.e. collapsing stones, if indeed you do. This aspect of practicing any art feels extremely difficult to me and I would be grateful for any insights you may have regarding this aspect of practice.

    Warm Regards, Robert

    1. i normally stay aware of my frustration when it comes, and let it be. i let it come naturally with the process, and it usually goes on its own. trying to block it seems in a way like feeding it. so i kinda just allow it to do its thing while i continue to balance. frustration can easily be stopped also by stopping for a minute, taking a few deep breaths, and establishing a relatively more open air attitude…before going back to work/play

  2. Julia Meuser

    Your art is awesome, so beautiful and alive and I love way you Write about your work ans Share your experience. I think what you’re listening to after hours of silent concentration is the constant whisper of creation. It. is beyond words, yet it speaks to you. I have experienced it. with trees, and it’s beautiful. I thought for a Long time that it’s only me,imagining things, but there is a Wohle Field of research in it., I have recently come actross. Check out Anna Breytenbach And Jon Young in and Interspecies Communication, if you’re interested.
    Tanks so much for sharing your work and experience! Julia

  3. Donald White

    You should visit Sunfish lake in New Jersey. It is at the Delaware water gap. There is a long history of stacking rocks at this lake. The rocks are flat and stack easy.

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