I am finding more and more, even while exploring my older photos… that many of my gardens along the creek, and other randomly placed balances, materialize in close proximity to POWERFUL TREES.  the spot on the creek I have been working lately is next to one of the largest, oldest, fattest, trees i’ve seen on the creek… a tree that could consume a car..


I don’t usually talk about the trees and the way they relate to the rocks… i would have a hard time explaining.. as it is purely a feeling. one I can feel as I touch the rocks, and see the combination…  but, they compliment each other in the most perfectly abstract way.

This balance was up in the foothills for a change, instead of the creek… i decided to go walking around and explore the current winter wonderland… :)   I was curious about an old rock spot i stumbled upon in recent years… and, as i hoped, came across some of the only exposed rocks (under cover of trees) among the 20-30 cm of fresh powder.. the whole scene was inspiring… a fresh winter wonderland… so i stopped… and made a balance next to the tree with most gravity.. the one with the right curves and twists.. one that had surely endured a great deal of time and circumstance.. with most wisdom, to form a temporary energetic trio as i set the rocks into stones. I planned to record the scene with just as much focus on inspiration (environment) as creation



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  1. I am loving your art! I wanted to mention on this post that the one tree usually tells us to have clarity of thought and to think with one’s brain, not the heart. Any feelings of guilt need to be alleviated either by accepting what is and has been done or by fixing what is wrong. Also, pine is a symbol of the warrior and wad often planted on their graves. In this sense, it means strength and courage, even if it is a soft wood. Blessings!

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