Gravity Glue | Geocentric (2017)

Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

I’m happy to present the 7th edition of my annual video series, showcasing my favorite creations and footage I managed to build and capture over the recent year (2017). . . Although this year I decided to give it a name — Geocentric — rather than a number.

— Paired with a collection of music/artists (listed below) that found me at the right times and helped inspire some of the creations themselves. —

This year I decided to spend most of Spring and Summer in Boulder, Colorado on the familiar Boulder Creek while i learned to use a few new video tools. Also with some interstate/international sessions thrown into the mix, including Australia, China, and Canada. — Also includes an installation and footage from 4321 Festival during August’s Total Solar Eclipse. As well as a mini-roadtrip through the Pacific Northwest, and on to Banff/Jasper, Canada. The Experience in China leaves me speechless. . . As well as Australia. .

This entire video was edited in a “bush studio” in rural, far south coast, Oz… kangeroos-and-birdsong-above-a-nearby-ocean-with-morning-coffee kinda vibes. a relative Paradise or “Eye of the Storm”, according to a Witch’s crystal… <3 …the setting certainly influenced the edits, final music selection/sequence, mixes, impulses, heart beats, seashell runs – looking at mini Fibonacci spirals 300x per day, each highlighting the brilliant creativity of nature.

The result is this 15 minute collection (ASMR experience) of my favorite moments/creations . . .

Recommended Viewing:

Full Screen + Headphones or quality sound system

Running time ~ 15 minutes

~ This experience IS intended to be freely shared/absorbed by the human species (with respective artist attribution) ~

~ This video is not for profit ~


Stone Balance/Land Art, Cinematography, Sampling, Mixing, Editing
Michael Grab


— All Rights and Thank You’s belong to each respective artist —
I encourage everyone to explore these artists further (linked below) because they (and I) love their work!


SamKDC – Untitled AA3

spoken word: Michael Grab

Part 1/3

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos XI

spoken word: Terrence Mckenna

Part 2/3

Aether – Should Have Known

Part 3/3

Versa – Lucid


Cuthead – No Logic (skit)









======   Made with Love   ======










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  1. Tammy Porath

    Thank you for sharing your unique art and perspective on life. This video is just amazing!

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