2017 Calendar! (update: SOLD OUT!)

:: SOLD OUT ::

Gravity Glue Calendar 2017

LE 100

(Each copy will be hand-signed and numbered on the front cover)


13-Months — Each month features a creation from the previous year’s corresponding month.

Image Dimensions: 12.25″ x 9.5″ (~ 31 cm x 24 cm)

:: SOLD OUT ::

39 Responses
  1. You superb being.
    Delighted for everyone who was lucky to order this piece of life-art and have it as a living daily reminder of Possibility before their eyes.
    Can’t wait for anything else by you. Cherishing everything that is already.
    Only blessings,

  2. Now I have another reason to hurry the year… wanting to turn the page on your new calendar. It’s amazing! Thank you for taking your time to put it together. I’ll appreciate it every day!

  3. Jeff Salem

    So glad you were able to do this again this year! I got the email while cooling my heels in an airport terminal and placed an order on the spot – a couple of folks I’ve made aware of your art are also going to be pretty happy when I give them theirs –
    (oops – hope I didn’t knock anything over!)

  4. Good thing last years calendar had a this years January in it! .. :D Meanwhile looks like i would love the calendar as i already have a similar version of yer cover shot saved on my phone.. ;) <3

  5. I just want you to make more of the video series of your process. I am ever curious to see what it looks like when you stack stuff. Continually emulating your process.

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