Gravity Glue | Geocentric (2017)

Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

I’m happy to present the 7th edition of my annual video series, showcasing my favorite creations and footage I managed to build and capture over the recent year (2017). . . Although this year I decided to give it a name — Geocentric — rather than a number.

— Paired with a collection of music/artists (listed below) that found me at the right times and helped inspire some of the creations themselves. —

This year I decided to spend most of Spring and Summer in Boulder, Colorado on the familiar Boulder Creek while i learned to use a few new video tools. Also with some interstate/international sessions thrown into the mix, including Australia, China, and Canada. — Also includes an installation and footage from 4321 Festival during August’s Total Solar Eclipse. As well as a mini-roadtrip through the Pacific Northwest, and on to Banff/Jasper, Canada. The Experience in China leaves me speechless. . . As well as Australia. .

This entire video was edited in a “bush studio” in rural, far south coast, Oz… kangeroos-and-birdsong-above-a-nearby-ocean-with-morning-coffee kinda vibes. a relative Paradise or “Eye of the Storm”, according to a Witch’s crystal… <3 …the setting certainly influenced the edits, final music selection/sequence, mixes, impulses, heart beats, seashell runs – looking at mini Fibonacci spirals 300x per day, each highlighting the brilliant creativity of nature.

The result is this 15 minute collection (ASMR experience) of my favorite moments/creations . . .

Recommended Viewing:

Full Screen + Headphones or quality sound system

Running time ~ 15 minutes

~ This experience IS intended to be freely shared/absorbed by the human species (with respective artist attribution) ~

~ This video is not for profit ~


Stone Balance/Land Art, Cinematography, Sampling, Mixing, Editing
Michael Grab


— All Rights and Thank You’s belong to each respective artist —
I encourage everyone to explore these artists further (linked below) because they (and I) love their work!


SamKDC – Untitled AA3

spoken word: Michael Grab

Part 1/3

A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos XI

spoken word: Terrence Mckenna

Part 2/3

Aether – Should Have Known

Part 3/3

Versa – Lucid


Cuthead – No Logic (skit)









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  1. Carolyn

    Amazing! Fabulous creations…..Your work is timeless with a unique humour.
    The rocks and stones are very cooperative! Music is excellent!
    This website is the best I’ve ever seen!!

  2. Tammy Porath

    Thank you for sharing your unique art and perspective on life. This video is just amazing!

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