Particles and Waves

Day one – 20 July 2015 (Yesterday)

of a new obsession .. I absolutely love when rocks align so gracefully ~ Especially the negative space.


Day Two – 21 July 2015 (Today)

Post sunrise next morning. opposite angle. balances have a special look when i arrive and see them completely dry in the morning light. kinda like they’ve aged and grown wiser. exposed to the elements all night, and survived!

something else really beautiful at the creek lately is all the hummingbirds!! more than i’ve ever seen in previous years. they seem attracted to the rocks, or curious about me. . fascinating to watch. challenging to get crisp photos of.

also, i became a bit obsessed with this arrangement. sat with it through a slightly scary thunderstorm, recorded as much as possible — different angles, rain, wind, tubers, kayakers, partial collapse. rebuild. the usual wizard nonsense.

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  1. I find your art work so beautiful because you don’t need to use paint, chemicals… Just what earth had provided in its purest form. This sounds corny but I see a depth in your creations lol

  2. My friend Zack Fiore and I made this one a few days ago it front of my house. Its really heavy and really sturdy. It passed its test yesterday when I got hit with a crazy storm and it was still standing :)

  3. Your artistry is just awesome.
    Hoping you won’t mind answering a question.
    If you removed the rock at the top, would the remaining rocks below remain in place? In other words, does each rock you add not only balance on the rock(s) below but also provide the stable platform for the next rock you add?
    However it’s done, please keep posting the photos and the associated commentary.

  4. nothing compared to yours but my girls and I are inspired by you and made our very own first gravity glue in a stream in Smoky Mountains National Park. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with us.

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