“To train in compassion is to know that all beings are the same and suffer in similar ways, to honor those who suffer, and to know that you are neither separate from nor superior to anyone.” ~ Sogyal Rinpoche


Water, being one of the more abundant elements in human consciousness, plays a very significant role in my stone balance experience. I’ve always been attracted to water when I’m balancing. In Sweden I’ve even began carrying a water spray bottle so i can wet the rocks in dry places such as the forest. But fundamentally, my intrigue for the rocks began in water, as if the water more fully radiates the character of the stones.  Someone once told me there was a term in Buddhist philosophy which refers to 3 stones balanced over water, as seen here.  They said that the term roughly translates to “kiss of god”.  I’ve never found such a term in my own research, but the idea is interesting. There is an extreme amount of love and focus that must combine to make precisely balanced stone formations like this. A clear creative intelligence must be present, as well as love, for such a thing to materialize.



Today was my favorite person’s birthday.. <3 so we went out to the lake on a calm afternoon and relaxed.. this place is special. in a place no one visits besides us… J loves making dreamcatchers of all sizes out of natural found materials… if anyone ever visits this spot, there will be a very large dreamcatcher made of driftwood and twine hanging from a nearby tree. thanks to her.. <3 I decided to adopt a bit of her photography style for a minute and shot the following picture of us sitting, relaxing, absorbing the calm day… a very nice memory.. <3


Sunset over a glassy lake



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