“Maybe it’s the human race, maybe we’re just full of shit and no light, maybe we’re still full of shit after we shit it out.”

~ Charles Bukowski
From Screams From The Balcony: Selected Letters 1960-1970

Wandering aimlessly, open to all possibilities, and found some abandoned open air buildings near a favorite rock spot here in Pula…. not sure who the graffiti artist is here but i liked the letter style. and as fate would have it, some stray rocks rested nearby… i struggled for awhile figuring out how to make more contrast between the wall and my rocks… then, as if the universe responded to my intention, i was pleasantly surprised by this ray of sun shining through the doorway to highlight my balance about an hour after creation. perfect place, perfect time…

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  1. that quote made me laugh (even when it probably shouldn’t) because I said that exact thing to someone who ate a bad sandwhich they’d left in their backpack a couple of days ago. “Check this out, even though you’ve been shitting all day, get this, you’re still full of shit.” And, yeh, what if we all are – just a huge bunch of guessers who don’t really have a clue. At least we can all give a shit – we’ve got a lot to give, after all –

  2. In your video you showed knocking your installations(?) down. I hope you left this in place so the taggers that followed would find it and be… inspired?

    1. Poodle Bear Destroying the structure makes a lot of sense, spiritually, as a symbol of death, which is just as much a part of life as destruction is a part of creation. Don’t know if the creator does it for that reason, but I’m sure he has a reason that makes sense to him. :)

    2. No doubt the destruction is part of his process and that belongs to him alone. I’mma just sayin’ to find these is a wonderful thing. I live in the PacNW and around the Olympic Peninsula there was a cairn artist for a while. It was thrilling to come across them unexpectedly. Magic is afoot! But hey, he built ’em he can smash ’em down. They are inherently temporary anyway. Just sayin’.

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