This balance seemed a completely hopeless task considering the constant wind and fading daylight. but i sat with it anyway… beginning to doubt if i could make it work in time… but i still worked for hours before finally reaching zero… in perfect time to record a few photos with the best ambient light and the small window of time these rocks stood in balance… (max 10 minutes) …

A recurring aspect in my practice is facing west while i balance, as if the rocks have secretly tricked me into a daily ritual of sunset worship… there are few things in my life that match the beauty of balanced rocks together with sunsets. it will never get old. like glimpsing the divine…. and especially hitting these minute rhythms of time, space, gravity, and light… i can look at these images for hours simply because they empty my mind and relax my spirit. along with the vivid memories they trigger of the experience.

big shout out to my friend Lena, here in Pula, who let me come along with her and some friends to this spot, (which required a car to reach)… we finished the day off with a nice cold beer (my favorite after balancing) at a really beautiful outdoor beach bar on the southern edge of the Istria region. . .

Donji Kamenjak i Medulinski Arhipelag, Istria, Croatia

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  1. I have tried this only to fail over and over, , not only is patience so Important, but selection vision and endurance make this art work so very remarkable…..thank you for all you share I plan on trying again once my toes heal….

  2. Amazing! Your creations exude spirituality and healing of soul … They exude ancestral journey! I am appreciative. Gratitude for all these beauties.

    (Excuse me for my bad english… I’m french!)

  3. Is so beautiful what you accomplish, thank you for sharing is very relaxing to see the balance of the rocks, sunset and the water is relaxing it’s amazing what you create is great work of art.

  4. What a great zen place you go to when you create these wonders. They seem to find such stillness amidst the chaos, which is exactly what you are challenged with to actually get them just so…. Congratulations on another work of art. A well deserved beer hit the spot afterwards!

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