Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 23 July 2016 — Skógafoss, Iceland ::

One of the more popular waterfalls in Iceland, partly because it’s so close to the main ring road, also because there is a campground next to the parking lot..

I spent about 3 days total, working here, toward realizing this vision. I even took a trip to Landmannalaugar in between because i was so frustrated with things here. The challenge was near constant tourists… anytime during the day, this frame would include at least 100 people … Again the key here was working in the off hours and hoping for alignment with no wind… This was the last morning. nearly giving up.. not to mention off and on rain complicating camera operation. though, luckily with enough persistence, everything lined up into the best possible scenario. no rain. no wind. no people. for 5-10 minutes! :) Once again patience won the day. Keeping a determined focus. and getting back up to go again, despite each failure.

I included the photo with some tourists to give a slight scale reference of the waterfall. I could not balance any closer than this without wind from the 60 m (197 ft) fall collapsing my balance.. not to mention mist fogging my lens, even this far back. Not an easy scenario.. though it was a huge pleasure to finally succeed in my efforts.. <3

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