Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 20/21/22 October 2016 — Boulder, Colorado, USA :: 

. . . things that happen when i become obsessed (possessed?)

Jedi style ~

3 Days of tuning a whim for no apparent reason. . maybe cuz it was fun/challenging to build again each day and as usual evolved slightly each time… The wind closed the circle on this one in my presence, on the 3rd morning (22 Oct)… 

Note: day one was spent playing around with initial balance, minus the side rock.

Click here to see a video demonstration of building this core arrangement.

Day 2: 20 October 2016

I also captured the moment I hoped which was this morning’s natural collapse; gust of wind — vanishing under water… I put more energy this time into programming its collapse a certain way… Which happened basically as i intended.. Pure Jedi Style ~

The top rock on the right fell first which let the spine free fall to the right, completely disappearing under water before the side rock registered the vibrations… which then disappeared to the right as well… and all while i was hanging on my last 1/16th of battery life. Almost left to go charge up… which would’ve had me miss the finale. . !

(not so jedi to arrive the final morning with 3 of 4 batteries dead)

Day 3: 21 October 2016

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  1. Cathie Hardee

    Where can I purchase your Photos? You work is inspirational! Thank you.