Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 20 October 2016 — Boulder, Colorado, USA :: 

Slow and Steady ~ Video Demonstration20161020-100
 This was the first recording attempt on this one.. kinda magical the way it worked so smoothly this time and in nice synchronicity with fluid light patterns.. . .
Funny i had it finished early in the video and decided it wasn’t quite close enough to the edge and risked the readjustment.. which ended up taking twice as long (5 minutes of which i cut out cuz it was all the same movements..) anyway, you’ll see..  enough talking, enjoy :)
Click Here to see more photographic detail of this creation

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  1. Emile Barry

    There is more to this than meets the eye. There is something you are doing that no one else knows. To begin with the site is pre selected. The site is prepped. It appears that you are randomly picking stones from the stream when this is not what is happening. There appears to be a central point you are looking for when balancing the stones. Perhaps you have the ability to sense a gravity wave or stream or central point. As far as I know you are the only human??? on this planet who can do this with such ease.

    1. i reckon there is almost always more than meets the eye… this particular balance was created about 3 times since the previous day, leading up to this recording. Although, this was the first recording attempt. So yes i knew which rocks i would balance and in which order. although, this was by far the smoothest attempt, meaning it worked out easier than i anticipated.. recording was not a thought when choosing the site.. site selection was chosen based on the calmness of water flow to reflect the surrounding fall color… :) as for doing this “with such ease”.. that’s just from years and years of practiced skill… there are other practitioners around the world, at every skill level i can imagine.. but very few possess the skill and experience to quickly execute a complicated balance such as this. but still, relatively, this was a fairly simple balance to realize because none of the rocks are excessively massive… everything here is easily within my strength capacity, which usually makes things less risky. As for something i’m doing that “no one else knows”, i disagree as far as i’m aware. There’s definitely a level of meditation involved but i don’t think i possess any special magic that escapes significant practice.. However, I am willing to bet that I am among, if not the most practiced/experienced balancers on the planet.. for now. :)

  2. so much fun to watch. I do some building myself and I could really feel what was happening here..loved it..vicarious..I am a bit jealous of all the stones you have to work with. They are a bit sparse around here (DC area) I was with you till the cap stone..I don’t have that level of confidence. Thank you for sharing this so enjoyed it!! Woo hoo!

  3. I just watched you do this and can’t get my mind around it! You have been blessed with a magical touch. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary moment!

  4. Oliver Alexander Kellner irgendwo habe ich gelesen, dass du Löcher in die Steine machst um so etwas hinzubekommen…. da ist noch Potenzial ;-)

  5. I have to share some fun we had camping this summer. The kids / adults had never heard of this so I showed them and we proceeded to fill this little island. Nothing like yours but you inspire me. Thank you for that.

  6. Michael it struck me watching this vid and thinking about all the locations where you have balanced that besides meditation (and probably because of that) and art (both balance n superb photography) that you are also conducting planet repair …

  7. This video is such a great look at exactly HOW you do this. Not at all the process I envisioned. It’s even more amazing than I believed. I thought you carefully and painstakingly chose the rocks with some vision in mind. But, OMG you just use what the universe presents and let the rocks determine the end result. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!

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