There are two very basic processes in stone balance. One is Creation. Two is soaking up the magic. This truly is a universal art form. rocks and gravity. At first I thought i was the only human doing it. after a year or two I discovered others online by way of suggestion from random (or not so random) boulderites. Now the art is known to exist all around the world. So considering the fractal nature of this universe, it seems anywhere (in the universe) with rocks, gravity, and relative intelligence, would have a clear shot at putting one rock on top of another. :D It could easily be a universal gesture of peace. why not? it seems far more likely for the universe to have ET’s playing with gravity, than it does to balance a rock on such a small tip in the first place….. :))

“The sound of the rain needs no translation.” ~ Alan Watts

Thus far, In all my experience, rocks have no flag, no language (as we know it), no law, however; each location I’ve seen in the world seems to hold a unique family of rocks! with unique traits. Each family like a fingerprint of its immediate environment. *Balancing them is an expression stripped to the essence of being. A kind of natural byproduct of a self-aware universe. Who knows maybe there is a creature somewhere with 8 arms. :P

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  1. ola

    I find it so amazing what you do. You get to be everything you love being and you create magic by love and closeness to nature. well done for being who you are I think you are a very grate person. <3

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