Today’s creation.

It has been an important part of my experience to practice on a daily basis. rain or shine. snow, ice, sun… anything except extreme wind for obvious reasons. I’ve found that by throwing myself into the elements this way tends to increase my experience of surprise and “magic”. With emphasis on non-expectation throughout; just appreciation and adaptation to an infinitely complex, breathing environment.

I found this top rock yesterday while working on a different arrangement nearby. So I set this one aside and returned to play with it today. Although it is barely within my capacity to lift, I found a way to lift it into position while bracing the rest with one hand. These kinds of balances can be extremely dangerous for the inexperienced balancer. Any small slip or lapse in presence could lead to crippling finger injuries, these are the kinds of arrangements that have me barely holding on. Normally the risk does not really phase me due to so much experience in so many similar situations. If i love the rock enough, I will find a way. The crucial part is really tuning into the minute rhythm of whatever rocks i work with.

It just so happened that my timing was perfect for these photos to happen, which tends to be a regular occurrence, but each time a very pleasant surprise.  There is no way I could really plan it better. This area of the creek is mostly shaded by towering trees. while lighting up the background trees to create a beautiful play of light and colors (especially during Autumn). I worked for a couple hours, looking at rocks, choosing my favorites from around my feet, and balancing them. The zero point happened minutes before a slim strip of sunlight glided across the rocks through the trees. The strip of sunlight allowed only a few minutes to capture these photos.

In my experience, there are two elements that really animate the rocks. One is water. the way it brings out the colors and contrast. Two is sunlight. the way it seems to breathe life into the textures and form. both at the same time from the right angle? and magic happens. however, each instance is always extraordinarily unique. The light in this time and place just so happened to line up as if waiting for me to realize the vector equilibrium of parts as a whole. I encourage you to go through each photo and spend some time to contemplate each one. all of these photos were snapped within a 10 minute timeframe. and each are presented in their respective order. You might be able to see just how quickly the small strip of sunlight passed over the formation.

the more I look at this formation, the more i fall in love with it. just as I passed life into the rocks, the rocks and environment inspire life in myself. the process seems to be a perpetual recycling of energy between practitioner and subjects. the rocks have a way of re-energizing my creative flow. creation inspires creation. mutual animation. <3


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  1. "Sunshine" Jon

    These creations are absolutely magnificent! Thank you for manifesting such wonders. It truly warms my heart to see such beauty in life :)

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