One of the obvious challenges to balancing in the winter is the subzero air and freezing water… requires a meditation in and of itself… my tools consist of layers, chest high waders, and ice-fishing gloves.  Despite the extreme conditions, there is a certain magic with the snow and ice.. things get stuck to each other as with this top rock and the branch frozen nicely over top of it… something who’s present state can be unraveled into all the time and context that went into its being..

I love the idea that each rock balance image tells a story… it is a captured moment, but with infinite moments deduced through the process… then when all the other elements are thought of (ex: practiced skill, time to build, finding each part, fading sunlight, freezing air and constant snowfall.. ), there forms a string of infinite variables which all align into this moment in balance.. :)


“The Past inside the Present” – BoC

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  1. Beautiful shot and balance Michael! The branch looks like a hand holding the rock in place! Magic indeed :) I also love the profound writing here… “something who’s present state cane be unraveled into the time and context that went into its being…” – kind of like us as well… Reminds me of the process of alchemy in a way, reducing everything to its essential state of being… And this: “it is a captured moment, but with infinite moments…” Yes! Resonating :)

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