[bk_dropcap type=”plain” custom_colors=1 color=”#d67474″ background_color=”#404040″ ]D[/bk_dropcap]o not get confused, I am not my writings. I am not my words. I am not what you want to understand from them.

I am far away of being a poem. Far away of being yourself. I’m not a mirror, or a shadow, I am not a paper or an ink.

I am myself and nothing more. I use my words, my inspiration, my passion and my mind… to make love to you.

It’s just a tool, to get into your soul. It’s just a gesture, so you understand I am real. But do not get mistaken, do not fall in love with my poetry. Do not fall in love with my words, with my style, or with my seduction.

I dare you to look beyond this, and search my spirit, my soul, my glare, my light, my sense, myself and I. And when you find me, then you can say you love my words.”

~ Unknown


Hi my name is Michael. I balance rocks as a form of relaxation… meditation.. well-being. both process and product speak to me on a very deep level.. I love doing it. I especially love seeing how the weather collaborates with my creations.. :) or how my creations accent the weather.. I’m always excited to see what the universe creates next… i am merely a puppet with skillZ. :)

for me… balancing rocks is a lifestyle choice.. it is beginning to permeate through all facets of my life.. you might be surprised if I elaborated further.. ha.. but I won’t. some things are best left exclusively in the heArt.


A more intimate look… <3


2013-3148 2013-3149

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  1. Beautiful balance and words Michael, and love that little ice skirt around it! The “form” of the rock balance kinda reminds me of “ET” :) lol In any case I always enjoy coming by to see what you’ve done…

  2. Michael I know you receive lots of comments/emails/notes … I hope you know me by know from “Thank you for BEING!” … I so enjoy your art/meditations, your joy in it, your quotes … you delight, inspire, entertain, ground/focus … most times words just don’t express the feelings you instill in each one of us … you connect us … no pressure here just pleasure in your sharing … I so hope to meet and balance in person with you … either here in Oregon or there in Colorado … or ANYWHERE for that matter … and at the same time I am content to know you this way … a brother in balance … <3

  3. North Watt

    Hello, big yes..on the new look of site. Looking forward in connecting in the future again.

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