Story time! :)

with every balance i create and share there is always a string of more subtle events that connect most creations through time and space.

For example, This balance, and the little round rock near the top! —

I liked that little rock so much that i carried it around in my pocket since the day *before the equinox (19 March, 2015), unsure how i would use it, but still sure it would come in handy at some point. This balance was a fairly involved doodle i made the day *after the equinox (Today), after messing around with my new arch all day (detailed Earlier Today) — finally getting it up to my extreme standards. This was more of a victory balance to unwind from a full day of obsessively adjusting my arch.

I knew it wouldn’t last long, collapsing about 20 minutes after zero, on a completely still day. I wouldn’t even splash water on it due to its extreme precision. But I risked my round rock anyway.

Upon collapse, my little round rock disappeared in the flow of water… seemingly lost forever, as i couldn’t find it anywhere. . .

So i started working again on my arch, playing with the negative space of the center circle, and realized that the little round one was THE key to my newfound bullseye. Anyone who plays with rocks in a stream like this usually knows that if a very specific size and shape of rock is sought for, that it almost never appears. the magic ones only start appearing when i’m focused elsewhere.

i KNEW it was there somewhere, which is why i felt the need to return under a bright sun to look for the “keystone” to complete my center point. . . to be continued . . .

now time to prepare for a relatively rainy, windy German island with an unknown local rock selection… maybe now i should start that 5 day “stone balance **challenge**” that lotsa ppl nominated me to do over the last few weeks. but now, it really is a “challenge”

~ ~ ~

THIS balance though!  :))

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  1. Oma Vic McMurray

    Thanks for sharing, I am not sure why suddenly I get many emails, perhaps I have drifted into a part of the universe that was ready to receive it.
    Anyway, I so appreciate the artlife you bring, another version of a mandala, a gift in todays world. Keep ’em coming! You take me to where you are, I am in the river, among the rocks, with my ‘gems’. The source of healing and enlightenment.

    Far from the place you enjoy finding balance I work with young children, mostly enjoying their growth and expressions of who they are and are becoming but when it is cold outside and we find ourselves spending more time indoors we spend some of it preparing for our annual ‘Talents in Balance’ celebration we have with our families. Our main focus is on a one pointed swing (aka trapeze). That little rock of yours, that connected the whole community, including holding up a massive rock, reminds me of a boy that grew from our youngest to one among the elders (all of 5 years). He was a keystone.

  2. I like the way the centre of gravity seems to curve. I guess it depends on the shape and dimension of the rocks. It’s amazing how you balance them. I’m curious about how the lines of energy work and how it relates to the way that gravitational pull around our planet works.

  3. I love your story and I relate. It was good of you to post a photo of yourself the other day for those of us who follow you. Your creations are very spiritual in nature and I love them :) <3

  4. I anxiouslym await meeting you and maybe get a lesson on the Island called Hawaii. The Big Island not a lot of rocks but plenty of lava. I can only balance/stack flat stones. Love your art and photos. lol

    1. thanks! such a tragic story! makes me cringe everytime i experience turbulence on a plane, especially across the ocean, but i imagine nearly every plane accident, regardless of location, results in loss of life.

    1. well, i never really conisdered it a “challenge” until i arrived on this island haha… but it’s mostly just a game among stone balancers on facebook… posting a photo of balanced rocks each day for 5 days… which i already do anyway haha.

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