Hang out with David Allen of Stone Point Studio for long enough and one is bound to experiment with Full Radial or Freestanding Arches. To be specific, I’m referring to a continuous 360 degree arch which fully self supports rather than relying on buttresses for added side support.

As far as I know, David Allen is the originator and relative master of this form, as well as several variations of it. If you’ve seen a heart version floating around on the interwebs, it was probably his work. However, his process usually involves some kind of form to more easily perfect the inner circle or shape of choice, physics allowing.

I’ve built countless freehand arches in my days, but never a full circle like this, and sticking to my usual style of freehand building, I decided to do it without a form.. a worthy new moon experiment to welcome Spring properly! highly wind resistant too! :))

I had a small round one in my pocket that I wanted to use to elevate the above round rock so it would sit at the center of the inner circle. but I accidentally lost it. more on that in the next post . . .

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  1. I can see this being possible if you have another person to temporarily hold a few of them for you while you place them….but how do you do this if working (playing?) alone.

  2. A couple of notes on this. While this is the same inner shape as a Moongate, what makes it different is the lack of any buttress to hold the sides in. It’s basically all friction. Also, I just happened to complete my first ever freehand rendition of this form while in the presence of Michael Grab. Coincidence? I think not.

  3. Now this is a master piece in my mind. I have been fascinated with this round type stone structure since the first time I ever saw one. I love it! I also love the beautiful amber lighting behind it. The whole ambiance of this picture is amazing <3

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