I decided to put my stone flower next to my desk. :)) it adds a nice pause to my daily movements (and helps keep the space clear). the fact that i can rearrange on a whim, makes it a vibrant, continuously evolving, one of a kind (really!), center piece. Also worth a mention that this is a basement room on cement floors under the carpet, so i can jump next to it and no collapse. Balancing on a block of marble helps too.

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The last one i balanced stood for 3 weeks before i took it down myself. Though, it is a wonderful feeling to return after a week to the rocks still hanging in balance… Also i think the block of marble (base rock) helps absorb vibrations. This block is destined to be sculpted once i have a little more space and warmer weather. shout out to Geosophic for that one. …On the wall, a stone balance calendar by a friend in Germany, Heiko Brinkmann – Steinbalancen. On the desk, sipping a well balanced IPA by Santa Fe Brewing Company. Hmmm… let’s see.. coffee cup… fireworks..? (must’ve found those near the creek)…

I spy an equilateral triangle.


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  1. However one comment about me sharing the space with my daughter of the autism spectrum, she is high functioning, often when I balance stones inside she she is very fearful..that she caused the collapse. With her constant state of anxiety about being the center of bad in the moment. Its a practice for her to learn to let go.

  2. On my summer holidays last week here in Australia I was so inspired by you that I spent about two hours (lost track of time) in a river trying to balance rocks. It was engrossing and fun but I’ve come to the conclusion that what you are doing is humanly im-pos-si-ble! C’mon, what’s your secret?

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