Extremely narrow thread versus high center of gravity makes for a pleasant sunset walk. no water for this one. too sensitive. Woulda looked out of place anyway. it blew over with the first slightest touch of air… 20-30 minutes after zero. :)

Upon further inspection, turns out the length of the two round rocks together (measured between balance points) relates to the length of the top rock by nearly the Golden Ratio. . !

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  1. I love how impossible this appears. I love watching the videos of you creating these, with such a sense of timeless patience. Just seeing this image gives me such a sense of hope, that things can be accomplished given enough vision, determination and wisdom/inner listening.

  2. dear Michael, in the balance of the stones the golden ratio slips often and arrogance, just put attention to find where he is hiding. Almost always the most beautiful photos and figures that we all do have “permeated” by the golden ratio … In this photo, for example, looks good the point of contact of the two stones spheroidal … draws a rectangle putting the attachment points lower, lower left corner .. and the top right up and … wait, I try to take pictures as … then do you, on the original image …;)

  3. I’d love to see you do this in person. I balance rocks at the beach by my house but mine look like a pile of rocks compared to yours. Lol

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