“Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone.”

Lotsa people think the water flow is the first to dislodge the rocks. but really, the rocks can hold up to a fairly heavy, *steady flow. i usually feel the water *through the top rock. but the constant flow, as long as it does not overcome the total inertia of the formation, mostly disappears into the background like white noise. i only notice the difference when i focus on it. kinda how i can feel my own pulse by focusing in. but the balance points still generate the more prominent vibrations. in a few days the water will have risen and washed this away with great pleasure. RAGE SEASON (the most difficult season for balancing in the creek!) lotsa rain. lotsa rainy moods. high water. less fucks to give. more adaptation. top shelf therapy.

Hard part here is becoming the balance amidst the heavy flow beating against my body. not a simple task. especially since any dropped rocks = lost rocks.


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  1. I think that’s what surprised me most when I began balancing rocks (inspired by your beautiful creations) was that I could actually feel the point of balance. <3

  2. amo questa tua “dimensione nel flusso costante”… come sai sono nella ” dimensione del flusso ritmato ” e la diversit√† negli equilibri improbabili, ma possibili ha un grande fascino.. grazie!

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