Nearly got stuck on this island as growing rain pushed the water levels up to flash flood conditions in Boulder Canyon… not to worry, i was monitoring levels constantly… “don’t try this at home” 

The reason i ended up leaving was because the water reached the marker i set for a safe return to shore… yes getting washed away crossed my mind a few times, hence the reason for various precautions such as markers, constant background awareness, and a momentary getaway route. these rocks were just too beautiful in the rain, and required as much of my attention as possible. well worth the risk at the time.

Another reason why stone balance is also known as “awareness art” … since it occurs out in the elements, no practitioner is ever in complete control over the medium. which is the exhilarating part.

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  1. I have traveling anxiety. Your video that is viral is the first that has made me want to leave the house and do something. your excursions seemed very well planned. I’m curious what your background is academically, culturally and otherwise. I feel like I’ve never been interested in any art form more than this. Is there somewhere that I can follow your excursions? Maybe YouTube?

  2. Stay safe Michael. Although it didn’t happen whilst balancing stones I slipped whilst in a river 2 weeks ago. Dislocated my shoulder and my arm is still in a sling. No work for me and even worse no stones either.

  3. Gravity Glue, I feel that I must respond to your conversation with Bob Vins! You misspoke; you should have said “GOVERNMENT security is an illusian.” LMAO

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