On a physical level, all of us are essentially a precision set of bones, held in balance by muscles. on a regular basis. every day. . .

hence, feeling the balance in a set of rocks is usually a very familiar and intuitive feeling. in the advanced stages of a highly technical balance like this, i have no choice but to BE the balance. feels a bit like an extension of my body at this point. if it leans, my core instinctively leans with it. there is no separation until i feel zero.

18 Responses
  1. Incredible beyond words… Every time! A symphony it seems that they’d all slip & slide away from eachother… but they are joyful and rhythmic and lovely as they hug & hold together, even for a short time <3

  2. I felt the need to build a few simple rock formations on a recent trip to Oregon- since then my daughter has reported seeing yet another tower of rocks on the river. Thank you for opening this door for me. Balance…

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