“I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.”

~ Franz Kafka
The Metamorphosis

There is no way i could have possibly predicted all these elements to line up so well… Jupiter and Venus crossing are what inspired me to check out this spot, faint hopes of catching them in a photo. no planets here, but it seems their influence was still strong. hot lines in the sky perfectly framing my stone arrangement. down to the angles of the base, wings, top, everything. 5 hours after zero. shot a few time-lapses from this angle over the afternoon. down in the dirt. but necessary. wasn’t expecting much, got more than i imagined.
the most dynamic element was the shifting sky. . . braved a few thunder and rain storms early on. felt like the right place to stay. makes sense, Jupiter was on the mind. god of the sky in old mythology. . . seems the universe set me up, knowing i’d record and pass the moment on.

experience: Ethereal.


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  1. I.m an astrologer . i aprecciate your connection with The star !
    Well done !
    Take The possibility to do a wonderful work for The 15.8 when sun and venus are conjuncted

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