total creation time: ~ 6 hours
final thread: ~ 30 minutes
life after zero: ~ 2 hours

most difficult aspects:

~ balancing a sequence of tiny rocks to hold relatively immense weight. one slip and they get lost in the rushing water. started over on the small sequence 4ish times before not losing my rocks. but i must say the final sequence delights me most. each loss a necessary stepping stone. . .
~ placing the top rock. so much tension held up by a complicated and sensitive set of smaller rocks. not to mention even lifting the top rock with one arm. I used my head several times as an extra (necessary) stabilizer. sat the whole time. the question to move on came up here and there. ignored each time. the only thing standing in the way was me myself and i.

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  1. Bro. I started stacking about a month ago and your work was my inspiration, keep going !!
    I enjoy telling myself no, and then pulling off the (impossible) obviously possible when finished..

    1. I love hiking around Boulder county and making my small attempts at balance, but more than that, I love that I find them on trails at least as often as I’m inspired to try.

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