“Your desires are not random.
They are the map your feet
should follow. Your passion
isn’t just a one-night
stand with fate, it’s your
most serious love affair
with life.

Your hardest, most rewarding
mission on this planet is
to find your story, trust
your pen — and tell it.”

~ Andréa Balt – Creative Rehab


The first variation was the same rocks with the top rock on the other pointed tip. taken down by a tuber.. which ultimately chipped the original point off to where i had no choice but to switch tips. anyway, i was upset at first, then realized it was meant to be (like usual). this final variation is like the first but all the rocks are just a bit further stretched to their respective limits, which can make a **huge energetic difference in visualizing the final creation. the process of hanging rocks on limits can seem kinda pointless most of the time. all the directions it wants to fall can be a bit disorienting. but it works — by finding the center, holding the center, and with full presence, taking the next step.

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  1. I love your practice and I like the results…both of them at the same time…Here rocks look as they were a couple , a very sobre man and a dolly woman, looking in the same direction..their past..or their future..what’s going to happened, and over all, serenity, courage and humour…and the river is passing by….I love your work, it makes me travel in my own soul, in yours…and over all, gives me the sensation of my own place in the univers, so comfortable, so tiny, so nothing.. I feel plenty…

  2. Your passion and beauty moves my soul. I too balance but use a different method. My results are less dramatic but oh so peaceful to my spirit. I am going to try the holding of the stones in place like you. It looks intriguing. I have promised myself if I ever get to Boulder I will give myself the gift of watching you practice your art. Thank-you for sharing your passion with us.

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