“Size matters not.” ~Yoda

Of course this statement is relative… In meditation, size does not matter because one can experience the unity of all, which by nature is infinitely small and infinitely large. Consciousness, therefore, can exist on the smallest and largest of scales. Boundless.

Theoretically, any balance is possible on any scale if the threshold of one’s sensitivity and strength can match that scale.  Because we are finite in a physical sense, we have a condition where size does matter regarding rock balance and technical difficulty… there are so many variables to consider with technical difficulty… a really small balance like this one is actually incredibly difficult because it requires such a magnified degree of sensitivity on the balancers part. Yes it takes less strength, less physical strain, but often much more patience and focus as it is much more difficult to feel the smaller contact vibrations.  When teaching others I often encourage trying bigger rocks at first because a heavier weighted rock will transmit more noticeable contact vibrations (not too big of a rock, one that is still easily liftable with one hand). I will often have the student touch the rock as I rock it back and forth over the balance point.  In this way it makes obvious the feeling of the vibrations I am referring to. A comparable feeling is when you can feel your heartbeat in your fingertips.

Regardless of the size of rocks I am working with, the infinite can be felt through my entire consciousness at the moment when the zero point (or balance point) is reached… especially in more difficult balances where much focus is required.  The zero point can be felt at any scale because it is the the nature of the fractal, and therefore is ALL scales.. The degree to which I perceive the fractal is related to the degree of technical difficulty, or the degree of focus I must reach to realize the balance..

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