Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art — Live Performance by Michael Grab — 16 June 2016 — Shanghai, China ::

Finally i have a moment to go through some photos from my recent visit to Shanghai, China.

An incredible experience all around. Potentially the biggest challenge i’ve faced so far in my career. Performing a relatively unpredictable artform under such pressure is quite an alien experience to most, but somehow i made it work when it mattered most.

For a bit of context, this event was the Tiamantti Grand Opening event at the Shanghai Home Expo. hosting several of the world’s best italian interior designers, I was commissioned to to the headline live performance. It was quite an honor that the owners decided to identify with my work, not to mention the gamble they took with such an uncontrollable artform.

So I did a live performance on the first day, pictured below, as well as taught a couple workshops on following days for kids and others as part of the overall event.

but i must say the work i spent most time and energy on was the mandala installation I built in the Tiamantti Lounge, which, if the goal is realized, will remain standing in pure balance for one month.

It was a great feeling to be so highly appreciated by all the staff at the lounge, they took great care to make sure i was comfortable and could execute my work with utmost style and grace. . .

words can’t describe how exhilarating it felt to have a successful live performance under so much pressure. also couldn’t imagine the universe if i happened to slip in the process. it was certainly the finest line i’ve experienced between success and failure, which i guess makes it all so much better. then again, I guess i was built to thrive in such conditions. . !

grateful for all of it really! especially all the hugs from the kids who loved learning how to balance rocks! made my heart melt. . big thanks to my clients and everyone involved with co-creating such a great experience. ps.. the chinese food was top shelf!

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