Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 17-20 June 2016 — Shanghai, China ::

Here’s a complete overhead view of my mandala installation in shanghai at the Tiamantti lounge. with “luck” it should remain in balance for one month. i made sure the ideal conditions were realized for such an ambitious goal, considering these are all pure balance, and i refused to drift outside my sacred, temporal, practice. nothing lasts. and i love it that way. plus if the pieces are all pure balance, they hold their magic and mystery as long as they live. if any kind of adhesive is added, then i see it as clipping the petals from the rose — the beauty disappears, and i will not allow my time to be wasted by submitting to the human desire for attachment, ESPECIALLY with my creation.


considering the space, i decided to go with my favored six point sacred geometry around a centered seventh. the core geometry of the five platonic solids, and furthermore, the base geometry of space itself. even when the rocks are taken to a sterile environment like this, i still feel an incredible amount of energy flowing inside the finished mandala. you can think i’m a psycho if you like… please do. :)

i first built a mandala like this in boulder creek at least seven years ago. but for this one in an indoor environment, since i was able to work with very little limitation, i decided to go all out. geometric lighting angles as well, so that all six points were backlight from 2 angles when viewed from outside the circle. and then the seventh i customized one angle to best highlight specific edges to compliment the whole. anyway, i spent 2 days tuning this space. the hardest part was leaving my work in the hands of my clients, without closing the loop myself.

but on the plus side, everyone there really loved the finished work and in my opinion it added a huge positive energy to the space. even more, considering they can fall at any time.

thanks again to all the people in the Tiamantti lounge who really made such a nice overall experience through this project.

Note: I did not make the signs, nor do i make any such claim. :)

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