“I define nothing . . .
I take each thing as it is,
without prior rules about what it should be.”

~ Bob Dylan

Windy conditions on Borkum led me to the beach, which was covered with extremely fine sand. So I decided to experiment with Sand Globes. Each one is a perfect blend and consistency of water to sand, and require a fair bit of physical exertion to repeatedly toss and tumble by hand, gradually adding more sand to increase size while fine tuning the spherical symmetry.

The following gallery is a collection of doodles from 26 March 2015

27 March 2015 ~ Borkum

New focus for the globes today is geometric. Since these things are fairly transient as they dry out or moisten, the following globes are all different from yesterday’s (shown above). I would’ve made more but just making these ones nearly exhausted my arms for the day. It’s easy to make sloppy globes. but to achieve a firm spherical form as shown here, that doesn’t slump under it’s own weight, requires substantially more tossing and perfecting the ratio of water to sand. the sloppy slumpy ones are too wet. these ones are significantly drier, but still moist enough to hold together. Each of the larger ones took at least 30 minutes of tossing/adding sand.. which gets quite heavy after awhile.

If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.

~ Nikola Tesla


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  1. land art forensics: the uni-directional light spots in the sand are rain shadows caused by steady wind. rain started *after the globes were placed. there are two globes that were placed after the rain started. :))

    1. I’ve asked this question several times. Are these beautiful pictures ever going to be publicized? I would definitely purchase a book, or a calendar…which I discovered too late and they’re sold out. I tell you, I love rocks. Your art is amazing to me!

    2. Jon, definitely makes the scene more interesting! :) from what i hear, there is supposed to be a super violent storm here on sunday… today the wind strength was rated “2”…. sunday is supposed to be “9” haha… everyone’s freaking out about boats… making sure they are securely grounded. kinda curious to see what happens!

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