Welcome to the East Friesian island of Borkum.. roughly an hour off the north coast where Netherlands and Germany meet. Technically a German island, but the ferry over there left from a small Dutch town called Eemshaven.. Sailing to Borkum was like transporting to an alternate universe. Nearly an hour across a choppy North Sea. Rumored to be quite a windy place. Often foggy or cloudy/rainy. Nothing in sight on all horizons.. the rest of the world might as well not even exist. a version of Narnia?

Anyway, Borkum put on quite an intimidating face. But i seized a window of opportunity and made this balance happen the first day.

I actually really love this place. very surreal compared to past locations. some excellent rocks turned up after scouting around a bit… and it is quite exciting to have tides! the day BREATHES!!! and i breathe WITH it!!

and once again… curious humans left and right. a little girl came and stood right next to me to see what i was doing. didn’t speak a word of english. i didn’t speak a word of german. but we were able to share the time and space with child-like enchantment.

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  1. The little girl may remember that day on the beach for very long time. And loads of people admire what you are capable of. Please try to stay cool. It would be very sad if mass media and the masses would affect you. Hopefully you have a pack of true friends keeping you to the ground…and balanced so very well.

    1. i do just fine looking out for myself! and i have great family and friends. i’m happy you enjoy my art but please don’t try to keep me in check. thanks! ;)

  2. I agree about the book!! We would love to have one, too. I so admire what you do and find myself wishing I was that little girl. My mantra has been “patience is a virtue” and you are filled with “virtue”!!

    1. i mostly just look for rocks that are relatively clean of debris like thick algae or whatever… harder the better for balancing… as for friction, it is not usually an important factor in selection. except when i was on beaches in scotland… when EVERYTHING seemed to be relatively frictionless.. my search usually just starts for something like granite! :)

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