First balance of 2015. a good example of how we CREATE our own reality is the passing of a calendar year. a simple change of a number, another division of the “wiggle”.

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So many people reflect on the past year. Given the cultural significance of a calendar, tis difficult not to reflect. Some report a change in feeling simply due to an arbitrary number change. It’s good to remember that this change in feeling originates within, as much as with awareness of a number.

So now i wanna reflect a little bit. For the last few years I’ve always been left in awe of all the magic i’ve experienced over each year (2014 was no exception). looking back at a thorough record of daily creation inspires a feeling beyond words. Remembering each and every rock. It’s interesting because many people comment that my creations just keep getting “better and better”… which, in a sense, I feel as well. But I don’t think it is the creations themselves getting “better and better”. that’s silly to me. A subconsciously capitalist approach to ‘things’. linear. unsustainable.

for me, It is the passage of time, rhythm and change, like seasons, that creates the real poem.  The FEELING OF NEW. Each zero-point a reflection of the premier moment.

I’m interested by the element of the mayan calendar that assigns a specific “aspect and intention” to each day of creation. My method involves throwing myself into the elements as much as possible, regardless of weather (only limitation being extreme wind or extreme subzer

o temperatures). By practicing in this way, I sometimes like to view each creation as reflecting some underlying pattern. a timestamped aspect and intention of the universe. This of course all operating on a subconscious plain of awareness.

In keeping track of calendar years, 2014 has been the best for me so far. I feel like this gravity glue experiment is really becoming something. I’m infinitely inspired that so many people are touched by my daily creation. This year I experienced some of my lowest points, almost giving up, almost looking for another dead end job, but i trusted my deep-down feeling and all my past experience and somehow pulled through to the point i’m at now, which I must say is a great place. I’m excited about the future. happy to be alive with the ability to do what i love, and with such a degree of romantic involvement. It’s all still an experiment. i have no formulas. I’m just a verb. sometimes i wonder when this will all inevitably collapse. Because it very well could. But then I also reach a deep knowing that it will be okay, and the universe won’t let me off that easily. Now I find myself booked up almost through next summer with various commissioned jobs AROUND THE WORLD. seems like all the hard work and unhindered dedication to a practice is beginning to balance out financially. no formula for that either. :P

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  1. Sue Gray

    Absolutely Fantastic sculptures you have done with these stones !! They are a true beauty of Art with-in it’s self. Thank you so much for sharing them on your site !! I am so happy I found your site & what a beautiful way to start my new year.

  2. Robin Burke

    Your work is fun nominal! I have so much appreciation for all your work.It is a wonderful work of art!

  3. I run my own business, and quite often I hear the words impossible. so I have purchased many of your pictures to hang in the office as proof of what should be impossible. Your business will explode when you are ready for it to. Now you are caught in the moment of your creations which will last you for a very long time but the day will come when you will be the teacher of the rocks, the master of gravity and the wealth of psychology and healing you have learned. One day you will send an army of teachers to re teach patience to those millions of teens who have forgotten that its exists in a world that we live in that has very little patience left. For now you are as one with the rocks but soon the bigger picture for you is becoming the teacher of stillness.

  4. keith

    there is a great profound solidness in this other worldliness. do you have a “how to” book yet? I would love to begin to practice.

  5. The impression from what you call the word – it’s impossible. But a lot of words are not the best. Impressed. Thank you for your project inspiring new sense of understanding of this wonderful world!
    Alex Vanzetti

  6. las creaciones que usted hace son bastante geniales , lo que hace es algo brillante y algo inexplicable como foman ese moviemto y rompiendo la gravedad, que siga asi. gracias

  7. Helen

    I have just come across your site via “Flixxy”
    Wow, how amazing you are, and the sculptures you make are jaw dropping.
    Thankyou so much
    Love Helen London UK

  8. Here’s the line that hooked me: “This year I experienced some of my lowest points, almost giving up, almost looking for another dead end job, but i trusted my deep-down feeling and all my past experience and somehow pulled through to the point i’m at now, which I must say is a great place.” I had the same experience in 2014; so glad to meet a fellow traveler on the path. Yes, now is a great place.

  9. Anne-Marie Simonet

    Somebody sent me a picture of your work and I was so enthousiastic about it that I look at your créations every day. I think they are incredibly beautiful and I am so grateful that you share them with us. The whole setting in nature inspires harmony and peace. Many, many thanks.

  10. Ann

    I have been in awe of your creations for a good part of 2014! I am grateful for your talent and that you didn’t give up on your self during challenging times. I think we all are grateful for that! Your art creates happiness and awe in each person who experiences it! Thank you.

  11. Beautiful balance to start the new year! I am so happy we met at the creek and have gotten to know your work over the years and see you get more and more recognition for your art. All the best and keep on keeping on…..Thank you for the amazing gifts you share, in balances, words, and photography…….Slainte Mhath! Sherri

  12. Eric W. Killip

    Happy New Year! And thank you. Inspiring, true upbeatness… I even enjoy your written words here as much and so down to earth as your creations.

  13. I’ve just come across your work and am completely mesmerised by it. I know it’s not ‘magic’, but it appears to be so! “How does he do that”!! I sat and watched a few of your videos with my 7 year old daughter who also thought your sculptures were beautiful – I agree but they are so much more. I”m glad that things are looking up for you – don’t ever give up you have such a talent that goes beyond words and if ever you come to England – please let me know.
    Happy new year and thank you for providing such precious beauty and wonder.

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