It is my pleasure to release my short movie (Gravity Glue 2014) that i’ve been working on for the last couple weeks…. All year i’ve been recording small clips here and there throughout my travels and experiences with balancing… (as i’ve done the previous 3 years). a kind of video yearbook of my stone balance experience.

i must say there has been quite a bit of magic (understatement) along the 2014 journey.  Lots of traveling. Lots of ups, downs, and mammoth challenges — occasionally to the point of feeling more or less collapsed, but also to the point of rising up to potentials i never knew i had. A great hands-on education for spirit and character.

Despite only capturing a small fraction of the magic on film, the most difficult part came down to deciding what to include and what to cut. even with 10 minutes of music (which was also difficult to settle on).

looking back through all these clips (mixed with the music i chose) makes me quite emotional, often inspiring tears as all the memories flood back. Sometimes I just sit and wonder how some of these moments even happened. and i’m speechless. It’s impossible to describe how they happened. they just happened, and that’s it. nothing more. the whole compilation could be seen as highly nonsensical, but keeping a compiled record of my creations over the year like this means so much to me. Personally i think it turned out kinda awesome. :))

All three tracks are quite inspiring for me. And the name of the main track is perfectly fitting to the mood of the blend… “Dreamsters” — (because this entire gravity glue experiment is little more than listening to heart, creating something from ‘nothing’, and ‘winging it’ as a process). The resulting audio-visual blend is quite nonsensical i guess, but it targets a precise feeling in various sections. The overall feeling has me excited to be alive, which is a similar feeling to many of the fairytale-like opportunities that keep asking me to play.

There are so many little details in the clips that i synced up with the music, so i imagine you can watch it multiple times and notice some new synchronicity each time.

List of countries included in this film are: Scotland (Findhorn Bay), Belgium (Brussels), France (Nice), Germany (Lake Constance), Croatia (Split), Ukraine (Carpathian Mountains), Canada (Ottawa), USA (Boulder, Aspen)


  • Make sure to have a good sound device (good speakers/good headphones), to hear the minor details throughout the music
  • Let the video load in HD 720p and make it fullscreen. :)
  • Or hook it up to a bigscreen via HDMI cable. :)

ENJOY! and Thanks for watching! :))


All music is under copyright and ownership of its respective artist.
More music by these artists can be found in the following links..






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  1. I have been making cairyns in my forest land and wherever I go an feel inspired by the rocks. I know breathing and mind and body and spirit are enveloped into ur work. I hope to grasp and believe this within myself enough to accomplish what you’ve found here. I am currently using a thumb on a tractor to create larger cairyns. Nature is my blessing.

  2. Lindsay Schmid

    That was simply amazing,and,oh so inspiring! Micheal,I live by a river in Ca.and I’m going to attempt to learn your incredible gift. Thank you so much, I felt very centered and peaceful after watching and experiencing your breathe taking gift. Thanks again, Sincerly, Lindsay Schmid – Wow!

  3. Denise Willette

    I came upon a collection of rock balancing magic along York Beach, Maine, USA. They were beautiful spires placed along a rocky incline on a shore where the waves could (and more than likely would) crash into them at any time. I wondered how long they had been and how long they would continue to be. I felt so many things just looking at them and was grateful that I had the good luck to see them. I’m so happy that today I found your art (too small a word for what you create.. magic) through Facebook! Now I wonder if it was you who wandered along the beach in Maine leaving the small amazing sculptures which I’ve never forgotten. Regardless, thank you for sharing your magic!! <3 <3 <3

  4. Caroline

    It is my intention to show your film to some of my students so that they may appreciate your work, but also to help illustrate the reality of impermanence, the process of trial and error, of presence and anticipation, patience and exileration and also how activating space by “being” in that space and playing, creating & co-creating with space is possible, beautiful, intriguing and joyous (and if they get a little Alan Watts on the side….even better!)…….this is truly a beautiful film by a beautiful spirit…..Thank you

  5. the world is a better place because of your creative endeavors, thank you! Your film is inspirational, more than any “good book” could provide.

  6. Robyn

    meditative breathtaking whimsical stunning magical
    A gift of art, creativity and pure genius in filming
    With gratitude and blessings on your journey

  7. Lynn Device

    Do each of us have the ability to master this? It all makes me feel solid and in balance and calm, it just seems impossible!

    1. Anyone can learn. but it takes an extreme amount of practice and patience to “master”… tis quite difficult to master something whose experience is always a bit uncertain. :)

  8. Gayle Paul

    It was glad to find your work again. Very magical and in tune with life’s mysteries and rhythms.

  9. Sally Crum

    Amazing! Your work, imagination, with the creativity of the the video made me laugh and cry. Art at it’s best!

  10. Jamie

    I was just recently introduced to your work and I can’t get enough. I watch the video nearly every day and a sense of peace waves through me. I share it with just about anyone who will listen to!

  11. What an amazing gift. It highlights the fact that we are all elemental but you are the master of the rocks… The rock whisperer. I’m inspired to attempt this! Thank you for the video.

  12. I love the video! My favorite part was you building the “bridge”. It reminds me of my childhood. You know, Fairies dancing over a stream… Fantastic. :-)

  13. I’m stunned. Amazing video of an amazing man making amazing creations. It’s as if the elements do your bidding. You must be highly intuitive and at ease with yourself and the world. Maybe you’d be good at healing too.

  14. Janice Sears

    I loved it from start to finish and you had me laughing with delight and wonder. Breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. Dale T. Wilson

    A moving experience through visual and musical stimulus…, I could not sit still, or keep enough tissue nearby. Thank you. I am both sated and stimulated.

  16. This is just really great! You are a hero! :) The scenes combining the stillness and the movement are fascinating! …and yes… extra point for Alan Watts. :) You should create more movies! :) Best wishes for 2015

  17. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy following you, and have always been curious about the process. It’s nice to see how u work. Also, I think I like the shot where the spider is using your bridge the most. What an awesome statement of your work’s harmony with Nature. :)

    1. haha happy tears here too…! interesting fact about the rain scene…. is that while that was happening, everyone in boulder was reporting the brightest rainbow they’ve ever seen… came home to a newsfeed flooded with rainbow pics.. ha :D

  18. My grandchildren, ages 4 and 6, just watched this with me. I wish I had counted the number of times I heard “WOW.” :) Awesome video. (And the ducks/geese balancing on one foot . . . too cute!)

  19. I really love what you do with the stones. It’s totally amazing how you can balance them the way you do. Thanks for putting this together. I will watch it over and over, plus it’s getting shared right now. Happy New Year.

    1. not sure which book… but it came from an audio recording entitled “consciousness beyond our separateness” which is a clip from a lecture series called Out of Your Mind – The Nature of Consciousness, Part 2

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