Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 13 July 2016 — Fjallsárlón Glacial Lagoon, Iceland ::

Earth ~ Air ~ Fire ~ Water

Humbled to be a part of this planet ~

this was shot after working all afternoon, through hours of rain, in a freezing glacial lake (with rubber boots) … And not really knowing why. Sky was grey. The top rock was massive. The water opaque. (Meaning if I drop a rock, it’s gone – water too cold for blindly fishing it out) ~

The goal seemed impossible, or at very least unclear ~

especially with the elements sinking in. Things were just not working. Wind nearly as capricious as myself. Nearly gave in many times. Buuuuut I kept going back with a conditioned and strong faith that things usually end up working out somehow, and often to my surprise.

But looking back, it all makes sense. If I finished too early, wind would’ve reclaimed my efforts too quickly for photos. If I finished too early I would’ve missed the perfect light. This was finished only once the wind shut off for the day. And no joke, within 10 minutes of zero, the sky started opening up with sun lit rain and light beaming through broken clouds. The scene was ethereal. Something I’ll never forget.

Ever have those moments when the beauty around you is too much? Overwhelming? Reason to cry a bit? Yep ~ this was one of them.

The splash is from a small chunk of ice I placed on the edge of my creation, and the sun melted it down enough to fall off on its own. I was lucky to be in the right spot to capture the ripples over a still surface…

I think the Icelandic fae helped me out a bit on this one.

Scenery ~