“I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some.”

Massa Lubrense, Italy

last sunset in italy (for now)… the water surged from a nearby storm in recent days…. but this evening was far more relaxed, and a bit more colorful too. :)

i had 30 minutes max to go and realize this vision as i was supposed to meet a small group for dinner in Sorrento… but i couldn’t leave Massa Lubrense without revisiting these two rocks for a sunset. also reversed the top (left to right) because it flowed better for my composition… (goes to show the flexibility of the art form.. very small changes of shapes and directions can have large energetic effects, at least for me)… anyway, i ran… fast to and from the spot.. and hit the perfect window of time to balance and catch this photo just before the sun disappeared. even overstayed by 10 minutes because it was just too beautiful… but luckily everyone ran a bit late and i made it back to meet the group just in time… mission complete! glad i took the chance with such a small window of time to plant more despite already having flowers to smell from the preceding afternoon… i LOVE riding these fine lines!

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  1. You sure are planting some astonishment feelings to everyone that watches your work! Amazing… what kind of extraordinary connection have you able to make with nature and the forces of gravity… just incredible! Congratulations! Mis respetos!!

  2. I think I prefer your post, is beautiful, quiet to meditate, different filings of peace, internal concentration, with your pictures see the sunset and special the balance of your rocks, the sky the sun the ocean than…. smell or plant the roses i will leave it for latter when I will play with mud, this moment is for my internal peace is important, until tomorrow .Thank you for sharing looking for another post.

  3. C’est toujours magique de lire la p’tite histoire qui va avec ! Parfait ! Je voulais savoir si tu choisissais ton lieu d’équilibre en fonction de la photo que tu veux faire , ou tu fais ton équilibre ou tu as envie et ensuite , tu vois c’que tu peux faire comme cliché ? Bonne continuation en tout cas <3

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