How to Dance with the Universe ~

interesting how a day can spiral into something awesome just by letting go a bit and flowing with intuition…

this is a completely spontaneous installation i built out front of a restaurant/club in central Bucharest, Romania. the day started with a walk in a nearby park.. looking for rocks as usual.. at first a bit frustrating because i found zero rocks (not surprising for a big european city).. so we decided to go for a walk and find lunch somewhere in the busy part of town. abandoned all expectations. main focus turned to food.. so we walked up and down a few of the main restaurant streets.. dithering a bit on our choice of location… until a bit of sushi on one of the menus caught my eye. and i LOVE some good sushi…so we stopped. had sushi from a world class japanese sushi chef… sitting back, soaking up the feeling. . .

toward the end of our lunch i decided to step inside to visit the washroom when i saw the first real rocks in all of Bucharest…! the restaurant was a japanese sushi establishment called S-Club, whose main interior art was a series of zen rock gardens under glass floors… a wink from the universe perhaps? so i decided to follow a random whim (like usual… flow-state engaged)…. talked with the owners and they had a look at some of my pictures online and the staff became excited to have me build a spontaneous live Gravity Glue installation in place of one of the tables out front, facing the main pedestrian walkway… a bit nerve wracking when what i was about to do sunk in a bit… foreign city. winging it #likeaboss.

anyway, it took quite awhile to adapt to these new rocks and location, but eventually i found zero, and surrounding people were pretty mind blown.. :)) felt so nice to create something that everyone appreciated very deeply. luckily no wind, and the owners put barriers and lights up to proudly showcase my temporary work of art in front of their club for the night. felt pretty damn awesome to just fly with such spontaneity… and a frustrating no-rock morning spiraled into a beautifully energetic space in the last place i thought possible.

shout out to Mitsuki who delighted in having me build and show Bucharest a bit of extreme balance! also, Shout out to the wonderful Miss Bran for helping connect some dots and for great company along the way. the evolution of events would not have bin so synchronous without you!


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  1. absolutely stunning!If you are planning to stay a few more days in Romania,visit Sibiu and Sighisoara as ll be amazed by how beautiful this country is!..

  2. I’ve felt and thought for a while that your ‘zero’ is that moment of total neutrality, the neutron, the center of it all, the peace from which love stems without judgement, without worry, without fear, with an ‘everything will work out as it’s supposed to’ relationship with the universe, the electrons, the protons, and life and the rocks and yourself and others and everything. More perfectly balanced moments come more often the more zero is reached within – I love this one so much, a lotta joy in it (and great food, too!)

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