Diary of a Rock Balancer ::

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 26 February 2016 — South Island, New Zealand ::

This was a random stop on my way through Mount Aspiring National Park, on my way north west to Franz Josef Glacier.. this particular spot is a fairly busy tourist stop — called Fantail Falls. i guess i was at home cuz there were simple stacks across the whole rocky beach from all the passers by. . .

but i left that beach and hiked INWARD. . . across the river, across another sand/rock bar, another deep pool, through some bush… to here, behind a big boulder at the foot of the large falls! My only concern was more rain, causing the river to flood too high to cross back.. but fuck it, i’ll just make a quick one.. :))

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  1. Someone is presently stacking rocks along and on boulders in the South Platte River in south Denver. Not as sophisticated as these photos, but still very spiritual.

  2. For everyone saying it’s impossible or photoshopped or witchcraft or whatever… I encourage you to spend some time quietly on a beach or in a shallow stream… breathe… stack one rock on another rock… then place another rock on those. Experience balance and patience and satisfaction when you “feel” the natural point of balance and stability in the rock configuration you have created. Try another rock, and then another. And if it falls over, just let it go, because that’s perfect too.

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