Gravity Glue | Intent of Infinity (2019)

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I’m happy to present the newest (8th) edition to my annual short film series, featuring a compilation of my favorite video captures throughout 2019.


This year I focused more on documenting all aspects of each creation, including creation, different angles throughout each creation’s life, as well the collapse. One of the challenges this year was narrowing down the footage to use that worked harmoniously with the whole. I simply had too much content to easily choose. So i included things that made FEEL the most alongside the chosen music. Part I (after the intro credits) is a kind of comprehensive mashup of different elements, followed by Part II, which focuses on the creative process via timelapse, followed by Part III which features much of my gimbal camera work, with a track that I fell in love with over the recent year.


Something else that heavily influenced the vision and feel of this cut for me was a recent reading of two books by Carlos Castaneda, entitled “Journey to Ixtlan”, and “The Active Side of Infinity”. . . which served to focus my awareness on a resonant dimension of my journey through the last decade of my balance art, and this broader practice of integrating with the Nature as a creative way of life. It’s not my belief that Gravity Glue happened by chance. There is too much magick threaded through the whole experience to be mere chance. It is, and continues to be the “Intent of Infinity” . . .


** Selection, design, cinematography, filming, editing, sampling, mixing by Michael Grab


BIG Screen

BIG Sound

BIG Heart


a short film about everything


All music and spoken word is under copyright and ownership of its respective artist. I do not claim any rights to any of the audio, and the intent of these short films is not for profit, but simply to encourage a deeper curiosity for the broader system of Nature and our connection within.

More music by these artists can be found and purchased in the following links. . .

====== MUSIC ======

Keith Kenniff – Receives

Part I:
Ancestral Voices – Sleepless Night, First Light

Part II:
Buck UK – Once (Essáy’s Ambstep Mix – short)

Part III:
Floex – Forget Me Not (MG’s Agoria Blend)


(intro + ending beat)

from: Agoria – “La onzieme marche”

====== Spoken Word ======

Carlos Castaneda (narrated by Luis Moreno) from “The Active Side of Infinity
Bruce Lee (
Dan Harmon (from an episode of the Duncan Trussell Family Hour)
Jiddu Krishnamurti (





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