Over the course of this past year I’ve been blessed to experience so many new places and people.  Here is a video I’m excited to finally release. It consists of video clips I’ve recorded during 2012; mostly with stone balance and related travels.  It’s a glimpse into some of the small things that provide a great deal of inspiration… The video includes a time lapse of Orb construction, scenes from my travels to Italy in April.. some glimpses from Sonic Bloom festival, The Duck race at Boulder Creek Festival, Boulder Creek in general… and Orb collapse :)

Definitely check out Cuthead and Nicolas Jaar in more detail too. Two among my favorite electronic music producers..

Perhaps my favorite of the included moments is with the flock of birds.  I spent a couple hours one rainy afternoon in Florence, Italy following birds around in a garden with my camera :)  It was a very quieting experience, especially in the mood of rain, and shade of an umbrella.

All in all, 2012 has been one of the best years of my life so far….It’s been a year of learning, of letting go, following dreams and intuition, doing what I love, and now experimenting with making a living sharing/performing what I love… the uncertainty is high but the gut feeling that it’s all okay is quite high too.

It’s going to be great to soon see “2013” in the date. so much possibility lay ahead. Just did a relatively in depth interview today for a friend’s blog “Complimentvices.com”.  I probably babbled about stone balance for nearly an hour…ha.  That article should be out sometime in the coming weeks…possibly including snippets from the original recording..

until then, I hope you enjoy the video i’ve made :)

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  1. Doug Austin

    Thank you for that gift. it is amazing and inspiring. I am sharing this with my friends all over the world.

  2. Al Fetter

    I create images for the mind by writing novels. I am ah- struck by your visual creations. It is humbling.

    Thank you for these moments of peaceful visual interludes.

    Al Fetter
    [email protected]

  3. suji haryanto

    regards culture,
    I suji from Indonesia, I really admire your artwork
    an amazing piece of art, what can I join you

  4. Bud Keller

    This has got to be some of most incrediable balancing acts I have ever seen in my 69 years of life! Don’t know how you do it young man, but, you sure have the touch.

    Bud Keller New Mexico USA

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