Nearly lost my pinky making the big one in the back… large, smooth granite boulders do not tolerate misplaced focus

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    1. Love your shot Michael, never thought of that angle myself :-) Beauty!! There is amazing history to this spot, which I’ll tell you about when we meet.

  1. Ok like, how is it even possible?!sometimes you pull of such epic creations, balancing round boulders must be hard even for you, such small points of contact between them

  2. I never thought about the size of the stones you use. I always imagined them in the easily handled size. The idea they may be large is a new concept for me.

  3. we have a “neighbor” who has various strips of land along the roads here… He has been stacking stones for years now, but nothing like this,,,, I wish he could see these

  4. I’ve been following Gravity Glue for a while now, marveling at the many posts. This one is exceptional. I love the contrasting color, the rock setting (you usually choose water in the background) and the color. If balancing stones wasn’t hard enough, infusing more artistic elements into the task makes it even more amazing.

    1. Dale, no I left these in place. My decision is ultimately dependent on context. And People generally aren’t so uptight here. And tides will eventually have ultimate say.

    1. prolly a few hours… these granite boulders are really difficult to balance in 3 rock combos like this.. they are incredibly smooth… not to mention the inside of this crevice was very slippery

    2. Brilliant! Where I’m at now (beginnerish), I need at least some kind of shallow groove. My nerves won’t let me feel that center of gravity with smooth rocks, even if I am in a meditative focused state.

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