for all the Geology heads out there… here is a close-up of a rock i found.. hoping to find out exactly what it is… feels denser than most. the white seemed to be mostly opaque…with yellowish veins…. blended with whatever the orange parts are. texture is the same regardless of color.  other similar white rocks also have yellowish veins and random shiny gold spots. White Quartz perhaps? i’ve had suggestions of marble and breccia…  google was unable to provide a clear answer. I need a GEOLOGIST :)

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  1. Binky the Geologist

    Yes, it is a pegmatite. The orange crystals are probably orthoclase feldspar. The white is probably quartz and plagioclase feldspar. You can tell by the cleaving.

  2. Julie

    It looks like it could be a pegmatite. An igneous rock with very large crystals. The white is probably quartz (look for broken surfaces that look like glass) and the orange is an orthoclase feldspar (‘broken’ surfaces have flat planes, which are cleavage surfaces). Would need to see it in person to be sure!

    1. Julie i think you’re exactly right… a few others on my facebook page have identified it as the same. and from your description of the orthoclase, it sounds like you nailed it!! :) thanks!

  3. North Watt

    Not an geologist my friend but its amazing how you found this treasure due to the fowl smell and noise at normal setting in the creek..quick question did you find this up stream or down…I mention your site to someone walking the other day and discussed how we are messengers for allowing stones to find their own balance in the moment. ..her response was were artist in the allowing business..Take care my friend..again a beautiful find

  4. Lorraine DiMaggio

    Could it be some kind of quartz and granite. There’s lots of granite in Tahoe and its all different colors. But I think you’re right about the white quartz. Just a guess

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