I heard someone once describe the act of balancing from a supposed “shamanic perspective”… I’m wary to use the word ‘shamanic’ because so many people process the word differently… but i’m referring to a very strong relationship with the earth, the “mother”… a kind of divine feminine perspective, which requires BALANCE with Nature. . . in order to realize a positive symbiotic existence… and even survival.. People that attune to this or similar perspectives seem to develop a heightened sensitivity to the environment around them…


Now, in my own experience I’ve sensed places to be relatively lacking in energy, to the point where i almost skip over them… and for some reason, when i decide to settle in these spots and balance rocks, something changes, the location begins attracting energy versus repelling it, perhaps through heightened conscious attention… over time.. ?


to get to the point… for some practitioners, placing balances is not exactly random, although it may seem so to the practitioner. sometimes we can’t explain intuitive momentary decisions through hindsight… as if we are puppet to some greater consciousness… saying “i would like a point of balance here, here, and there.” perhaps in places that repel energy . . . ? something our spirit may see, but our conscious mind, not…? who knows.. i’m simply entertaining the possibility with respect to personal experiences. . .

anyway, in this view… balances can be seen as a kind of ‘acupuncture for the earth’… temporary points of energy, materializing only through focused conscious awareness…. i also find it slightly coincidental that balancing rocks is such a widespread global practice. . . . even across cultural and geographic barriers…


One thing i have felt countless times is how the energy of a space shifts… through balancing, especially gardens. seems like it has something to do with conscious attention… converging at a point or a matrix of points.. and affecting surrounding energy… i can attest to my own pleasure in looking at precarious balances… they draw the mind and the heart. . . through magic of sorts. and even in less public places, I am still fascinated and channeling my attention toward them. Also, after balancing in particular spots, they don’t really FEEL the same again… they feel more familiar, more inviting. even after the balance passes back into the creek. . . even upon returning a year later.


soooo perhaps, rock balancing is simply creating convergence points for conscious frequencies.. but the rocks and many objects IN BALANCE speak in a unique way, almost always attracting positive conscious energy… there is a very interesting sociology surrounding interactions at rock gardens… i think nearly every balancer has experienced the unique social dynamics..

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  1. Brandon Love

    So wonderful to read these words. If it is real for one and also another, I now know the magic you speak of is true. Thank you.

  2. Mukesh Naker

    Wonderful work. In the the Indian Dharmic traditions we believe every living and non living entity has an Atman (consciousness). It expresses itself by its Dharma. i.e. what is its nature, purpose and function of its existence. And in a sense you are tuning in and picking up the energies, both positive and negative and are able to influence it for the better.
    Absolutely love your sculptures. Would love to see a video of you putting one of these together. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have just started this balancing , and I talc to friends just about the same, the healing and the energy I felt. Thank you for verify my experience. You do a wonderful work.

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