“Stop adulting so hard. Give yourself permission to play. A childlike faith in life is what will bring you more of it.”

~ Creative Rehab

Here is a glimpse into the evolution of a single idea. and perhaps the degree of childish i may be?

most difficult part about rebuilding new variations was lifting the enormous top rock into place, while simultaneously holding the spine with utmost precision and tension.. every time lifting the top rock, my arm would reach that point where i wasn’t sure if the muscle would continue or if the gravity would take the rock back down. but the adjustments (and risks) had to be done.

1st stage: 9 rocks. easy. too linear for my taste. bottom heavy (from a design perspective). document. destroy.

2: 9 rocks. far more difficult. kept the same bottom pattern (bottom 4 rocks). same middle pattern too (upper 4 minus the top), just with mostly different rocks than stage 1. wasn’t digging the middle as much… though in hindsight, it’s grown on me. document. destroy.

…starts raining….

3: bleh. document. destroy. (starting to get dark) (should i continue?)

….fuck it, yes….!

4: 9 rocks again… same 4 lower rocks. 2 of 4 same middle rocks as stage 2. better design balance of the whole. good enough for today.. though still a bit blocky in the middle…

go home –> study photos..

fall in love with stage 4. but still consider switching a round one into the middle. why not? good question. . .

DAY 2 (stage 5 – 17 Nov 2015)
pleasantly surprised to find stage 4 still in balance… document a bit…

stage 5: 9 rocks. 8 of which are the same as stage 4. but i needed to see what the middle would look like with the round one i had in mind. (which is the same round rock just below the top in stage 1)

ZING! (heart becomes still once more) :))

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  1. Let me say this: on the entire Facebook I see posts about cats/pets, world-is-going-to-hell news and matching views, live-life-like-this-while-my-life-actually-sucks quotes, keyboard activism, look-at-me-as-I-pretend-to-be-happy-selfies, and all sorts of things that just point to so much imbalance in the life of people in general and this world as a whole……..and then on the other hand I just see your rocks perfectly balanced seemingly against all laws of physics and I find that much needed sense of equilibrium! What a meditation!!….Keep Rocking!!

  2. I already knew I loved your Rock Art…but I also loved reading about it! May you continue balancing for a very long time…and please write about it more often!! Thank you for making my eyes and brain happy!

  3. You just continue to constantly blow my mind & every great piece you create makes me smile inside & feel the calm come over my entire body. Just got my calender & I love it so much. Thank you for all you bring, to all around you.

  4. every aspect is meditative… even the ‘obsessive’ adjustments haha :)) every variation a necessary happening to realize a final design i no longer think about.

    1. i’ve thought about that… and with extreme precision balancing like this, it would require abnormally synced minds to pull off safely.. each mind must be able to process and adjust accordingly in real time with the vibrations being created by the other point of reference. i’d say difficult enough getting a hold of my own vibrations.. haha

    2. ..Sounds like you dontt just immobilize the stack. Love your art work. I plug your art as a meditaion form in my travels. Kids seem to be sucessful right from the start.

  5. I enjoy these so much. I’m thinking, while working on these, it would take away any thoughts of anger or discontent. It seems as if your mind and soul would be so in tune with nature.

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