“I want to live deeper and louder, not longer. Truer, not safer. Now, please, i’m tired of someday or maybe, or later.”

~ Andréa Balt – Creative Rehab

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  1. You cannot ask an artist to give away their secrets. Sometimes we do. But we never show our hand fully. Because we fought and created for years to become where we are. It is a journey without a shortcut.

  2. Do u always use nothing but stone to stone contact only? If so then this particular balance is photographed somewhat poorly and gives the impression of spacers…prob just poor shadowing

    1. What? Not even a state? Ok …. well, thanks …. I think. I love your website by the way! & I have found the balancing of rocks to be a very zen-like pursuit for me. I do not have your talents, but I’m not half bad! You always inspire me to try harder!

  3. Is there any chance Gravity Glue would do a workshop on how to do the Gravity glue thing? If I could learn to balance one rock one another I think I might be able to learn to balance priorities in the workplace and at home as well.

  4. If you are out in the wilderness, wherever that may be, stop and place a stone on top of another, just to let the Spirits know that you acknowledge them.

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