Tail end of BAWI 2015. Came out here with a small group of other balancers here for BAWI… nice to explore new spots!  the edge of Capri can be seen on the distant horizon. And that wave is about to collide with my rocks. . .

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    1. পাথরের বিন্যাস। একটার উপরে একটা রাখা। কোন রকম আঠা ছাড়াই

  1. If you’re on the road, you are very welcome at my home, Le Mans, France. Big fan of your work, there is no ocean here, but whatever I hope to meet you one day :)

  2. Before I read your comment and saw the picture of the wave hitting your rocks, I had thought to myself that the base was strong and sturdy and it would not collapse! Awesome! Can’t get over the top rock! Perfect balance!.

  3. I would LOVE to print and frame this for my bedroom. May I get a copy without the logo? Oh gosh….this one or the splash one? I can’t decide!

    1. Where are you heading next? I was at the top of Gornergrat, by the Matterhorn, last month & the rock towers there were nothing like yours! You should do one up there!

    1. maybe 1 meter? i was sitting while building it.. actually this camera angle was extremely risky because it was basically on the ground, in range of the waves.

  4. the impact did NOT collapse the rocks, instead made this cool splash, which soaked me and me camera. (good news: my camera is a beast and still works fine) :P

    1. im balancing at maui, ten tourists watchin. i hear a voice u use glue right. 3 times. i finally look up; its my son messin with me. hahaha