one of the slogans for this year’s BAWI was “come and balance your heart” . . .

wasn’t quite sure what that meant to me until now, but it got me thinking of my own vices, which can often become painfully obvious when among a different culture of people. in this case, my vice was a level of comfort in bitching and complaining about various circumstances. trying to control situations, etc… failing to be content with when, where, and what i’m given…. it all seems a bit perpendicular to the lessons of this whole art of balance. but as with any personal growth, the first step to progress is to make the darkness conscious.

Also got me thinking about some balancer friends in Yemen, who have recently gone through some terrible circumstances at the hands of humans making war. in their case, bombings very close to home, and even destruction of their home where they sleep at night… and still they decided to practice peace and literally balance the broken pieces of their home. a potent reminder that there is so much in my life to be grateful for. almost comical to realize i could think otherwise at all…

something very powerful about this balancing art is that it creates plentiful space for contemplation and personal growth… always has. always will. and when i have the privilege to create and experience such collaborative beauty on a regular basis, the blessings of this life become all the more obvious..

so i guess, if you haven’t done so in awhile, take some time to really give thanks, in silence, on a spi(ritual) level, for all the wealth you live with, simply by merit of having air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and a relatively safe home to sleep. fuck the rest. it’s mostly luxury after that.

sending some love out to friends in Yemen (and to everyone going through challenging times)…

“this too shall pass”

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  1. Since the moment I saw your work I was thinking to do it. Just last week I was on a holidays trip in Iceland, and all things were so perfect that I decided to give try. Used your tip of looking for the tripods or “clicks”. It took me literally only 20 seconds to get the balance with the first 3 random stones I picked up. I know it was not a challenging balance yet, but it felt quite good as I was in peace with myself, my other half and the surroundings. I’ll keep on trying more complex balances!!!

  2. Your words reflect the past year of my life! I’ve gone from an upset angry person to one that is finally coming to a personal peace. Life IS good when you put good energy into it! Thank you Michael, because your balances and insights have helped me with that process! <3

  3. My daughter just finished reading an autobiography about a woman from Somalia who came to the U.S. One part in the book had my daughter appreciating our “first” world comforts a little more when the lady wrote about how she and her family gave thanks every time they FOUND water and we just turn on a faucet and “voila” there it is!

  4. these words, your words are as profound as all the balances you’ve done and shared, and just as inspiring. I sometimes wonder if one of the reasons I was so drawn to your rock balances is because I knew a tremendously gifted philosopher had to be the origin of all that patience, determination and peacefulness.

  5. Another Wowie…
    Am becoming “glued” to your posts..reading them and focusing on the rocks is like meditation…feels good and forget everything for a while…Lovely!

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