Diary of a Rock Balancer :: 

Stone Balance Art created and photographed by Michael Grab — 11 July 2016 — Black Sand Beach, Vik, Iceland ::

The legend here is that the rock formations are 3 petrified trolls who were out too late pulling a ship into shore, and became petrified by the rising sun.

I made this style of balance due to the high winds coming in from the ocean… more of a quick creation at the time.. i didn’t like it much at the time.. now i like it more. .. . maybe cuz it stood through high wind as intended..! :) the overcast mood of that time and place grows in hindsight as well. . .beautiful, powerful, raw location! lots of other small rockstacks that people leave behind.. However this one is pure jedi style.. once it falls, it is nothing more than scattered pile of rocks, as it was before . .

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  1. Grant Caster

    Mchael so many times I coment: “Thank you for BENG.” in your posts. It is a greeting I started using a number of years ago and it is meant to be my version of “namaste” or the Tibetan verzion of that “tashi delek”. For me i is really the only or best way I can convey to you how much and how deep you, your art and photography touch my soul/spirit. Though we have not met physically I count you as a brother, member of my tribe, friend and so on and so forth. I truly do hope that one day we do share such an occation but even if not I am content to know you this way and am so very grateful that we are at least carnate at this time and space.

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