I am sure many rock balancers are familiar with this experience… especially those who have one or many ritual stacking spots..  One thing I like to do OFTEN is to switch up where I am working on the creek.  Each new place, even if shifted by a few meters, will yield a completely new library of rocks. I consider this to be very lucky in my case. Boulder is IDEAL for any dedicated stacker. Anyway…

A cool part of revisiting my favorite spots years later is sometimes stumbling across a distinct rock that I used before… Sometimes I have even found these rocks down-creek by up to 5 meters depending on size… The reason this happens is because of the creek’s annual spring rush, which happens usually every May-June when snow run-off builds up in the creek valleys..  The creek usually rages for up to a month depending on the winter’s snow fall..

With this picture I hope to demonstrate how some balances are closely related to past experiences… Here, there are 2 separate balance experiences in the past that feed into the more recent creation. The rock in the red circles is the same, but just on a different balance point.  Same for the rock circled in black.  Just a different pattern with similar building blocks..  yielding a completely different looking creation.. :D

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  1. Absolutely amazing and I LOVE the “Stone People.” I could sit and watch you work for hours, your work is incredible. Your rock stacking definitely reminds me of Inukshuk, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

  2. “Evolution” trumps “Natural Selection” as my comment by two votes…close call. I have been watching a couple rocks make their cycles for a while now. Neat that it’s pointed out. Thanks!

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